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Crossing For Christ

Good morning Youth families! I hope each of you are staying safe as this unique situation continues to limit how we interact with each other.

One week ago today, I delivered each of you a paracord packet to your mailbox. Inside that packet, you found enough material to assemble 5 crosses, sanitizing wipes and a scripture, that I hope, encourages you and others through the completion of the project. The image above gives you examples my family and I continue to work on in our free time. As you read further into this blog, I'm confident you will gather reasoning as to why God led us to this project.

As current times shift the world around us, did you know that YOU were called to be Holy? Yes, YOU. You have been chosen as a child of God to share the good news with others. YOU have prepared your mind for action, YOU have set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:13). The cross is a symbol that points to the past, a reminder that God loved YOU so much that he gave His only son for the salvation of humanity (John 3:16). For the future, the cross is our anchor of hope, that He, will lead us through these times of uncertainty. The cross is our symbol of Faith that will shadow the presence of Fear.

Let me encourage you to finish your crosses. Pick your favorite, keep it as a reminder of the love He has for you. The others? Share them, share the good news with your friends and family. Tell others about your Faith, invite others to be a part of it. Be exactly who God intends you to be. YOU are His example, we should accept the responsibilty of being that example to others. Keep Crossing For Christ!

Through HIM,


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