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Church Update 3-18-20

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Good day church,

I hope all of you are well and taking steps to stay well. That means keeping your distance from people. Take a look at the photo. That's how you break the chain of infection. Stay away from those who would pass it to you and those you will pass it on too. Remember, you are contagious when you have no symptoms and wouldn't even know you're infecting others. Love others by protecting them.

Although we are not meeting together for awhile we are still the church. Here's what all of us can do. First, pray. Pray God will change this virus. Pray for those healthcare workers seeking to meet the increasing demand for care.

Second, stay in touch with each other and encourage each other. We have begun One Another Care Calling. I am so thankful for our volunteers who are making that happen. Please let others know if you begin to show symptoms, EVEN IF MILD. This can turn bad quickly so we need to keep a check on each other. It's NOT just senior adults who can get in rough shape.

Third, if you know of people with food needs, let them know our pantry is not closed. I'll be at he church Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 am -2:00 pm to give out food boxes. Although I know some of you would help, we are not requesting volunteers for pantry service. The fewer exposed to infection right now, the better. I'm being careful myself to wear protective gear.

Please check our website. Today we will continue the study of I Peter at 7 pm. On Sunday I will share with you a live message. This is new so pray it all works.

Let's keep in touch. We will get through this together.

By His Grace,

Pastor Dennis

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