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Bridging The Gap

In this Gap of closures and postponements, it was awesome to speak with most of the Youth Group today! Video chat, phone or message; God continues to build the bridge for us to communicate! Your smiles, laughter and prayer brought so many blessings to us, including the opportunity to meet pets by the name of Pepper and Tango 🐕 They were awesome too!

Have you had the opportunity to watch the video "Faith Over Fear" from Pastor Dennis? Let me encourage you watch it as God led him to inform you, educate you and deliver how God is working in our church to cross this trying path. Over the last several weeks, I'm sure you have seen or heard messages about fear and anxiety, even shortages in retail/grocery stores. Please be reminded that God will never short you. Read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. God proclaimed that His grace was fully capable of providing everything Paul needed to endure this suffering. His grace is sufficient for YOU too!

As the church starts the One Another Call Groups this week, please know that we are simply checking in to see how you are doing. Maybe offer a few words of encouragement and prayer along with the sharing of resources if you find that you need assistance in any way. For me, I am looking forward to bridging the gap with some of you this week. If I'm lucky, I'll get to meet a few more pets as well! In between calls, I have provided a few ways to contact the church staff if you need anything at all:





Through HIM,


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